Be Real Ministries is dedicated to this generation of teens. Our motto is "Reach, Connect, Grow, Equip, and Release!" We use intense teaching on subjects such as moral absolutes, Godly leadership, biblical interpretation, and Christian worldview application and Real worship.

Our Strength


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Our Vision

Be Real Ministries is a 501c3, nonprofit, interdenominational ministry that works with students from many denominations. We are governed by an independent board of six and we are supported by individuals like you. While the staff of Be Real Ministries belongs to different churches, we are all very passionate about teenagers applying a Christian worldview to all of their life-decisions. Our philosophy is to utilize grass-roots youth communicators and musicians to convey the life changing message of Jesus Christ. We are under the authority of the Elders at the Church at Cherrydale (TCC).

them into the world to follow the example of Christ      


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Our Staff

Toby Dix

Founder of Be Real Ministries

Years doing Meltdown: 20

Sonny Gray

Years with Be Real Ministries: 6

Expertise: Media, Graphics, Video, Motion Graphics, Web Design

Contact info: 864-414-1907


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